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Technical Details:
Output Power  200W
Input Voltage  AC 90-260V
Output Voltage  AC 110V-120V
USB Output  5V 2.1A * 4 Auto

IMPROVE YOUR TRAVEL EXPERIENCE with the 200W travel adapter and power converter from Jetway! This compact, lightweight and all-in-one power adapter will convert 220V power from all around the world for safe use with standard 120V electronics; and with 4 plugs and 4 USB ports, you can power up as many as 8 devices at once in nearly any country – Europe, China, Brazil, India, Russia, United Kingdom, Australia and every other one.

TRAVEL HACK #1 – BIGGER IS NOT BETTER WHEN TRAVELLING: The 200W travel adapter is perfect for your ESSENTIAL travel gear. A larger, fancier, more powerful converter will also be HEAVIER, and will compete with other essentials for weight in your luggage. And guess what? If you have a heavier converter, you are more inclined to bring along the larger, bulkier accessories – hair dryer, flat iron, etc. Stay small and simple. Use the hotel hair dryer or purchase the travel versions of the accessories you need; or buy one at your destination. They are usually smaller and lighter than your everyday appliance and often have dual voltage conversion. Really! Save the space and the weight. A 200W converter is the most you should need.

BUY THE OPTIMAL TRAVEL SOLUTION! Having traveled to more than 30 countries on >90 occasions (that’s a lot of passport stamps and grimacing Eastern European customs officials), I know the importance of getting the most benefit out of the least amount of travel gear. That is why Jetway, my family company, is selling this 200W travel adapter and converter. As author, podcaster, blogger and fellow vagabonder, Tim Ferriss would say, look for the “optimal minimal”!  This 200W travel adapter and converter with free bonus is the “optimal minimal” solution to improve your international travel experience.

TRAVEL HACK #2 – POWER UP! – EVEN AT HOME: Use as a power strip when travelling domestically, or even at your home or office. Even hotels in North America have limited power sources. Do you dare reach your hand behind the hotel bed? You won’t need the power conversion feature in North America, but you will still benefit from having a power strip for your multiple devices – phone, tablet, computer, shaver, etc.

BONUS GIFT – KEEP IT TOGETHER: In case you missed it. Jetway is always trying to up our game to keep you satisfied. When you buy our travel adapter and converter, we will include the travel case and give you two (2) FREE travel gear twist ties from Gear Ties® from Nite Ize   – one (1) 6” twist tie and one (1) 3” twist tie. These Twist Ties for organizing your travel gear are a perfect solution. Excellent for keeping your cell phone, tablet, computer, headphones and ear bud cords bundled, secured, and tangle free. Use for all your cord management needs to help you organize your camping, backpacking, sports accessories, kitchen, garage, car and boat gadgets and much more!

Buy the Jetway 200W Travel Adapter and Converter to Improve Your Travel Experience; and Buy One for a Friend or Colleague.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee!

POWER YOUR TRAVEL by charging up to 8 devices at once with 4 standard US plugs and 4 USB ports using our compact, all-in-one adapter and power converter. The converter can withstand an amazing amount of power, up to 200 Watts, allowing you to charge and power multiple laptops, phones, tablets, electric shavers, and many other travel accessories.

TRAVEL WHERE YOU WANT with interchangeable plug adapters for Europe, China, India, Brazil, Australia, Russia and many more countries using this portable voltage converter. Convert 220V power to 120V power, in nearly any location.

CONVENIENT AND SAVES SPACE. This is the only travel adapter and voltage converter you will need to take with you. Most hotel rooms only have 1 or 2 outlets for you to use. This adapter and converter only requires 1 cord to plug in and immediately becomes a power strip that can handle up to 8 devices at once. If you have multiple travelers in you party, you only need one adapter and converter, and you won’t be fighting for power.

PROTECT YOUR ELECTRONICS with 3-stage protection. Our converter will shutdown for surge protection, over-heating or short circuiting. USB outputs are completely isolated from the AC power to keep your USB devices safe

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. We want this to be the very best solution for your personal and professional travel. Jetway Travel Gear is a family run business. We love to explore the world and have traveled to more than 30 countries and used many variations of adapters, and have run into many issues staying “powered up”. Now, with this travel adapter and converter from Jetway, I only have to worry grabbing this one important accessory. If you have any issues with this travel adapter and power converter from Jetway Travel Gear, we will do everything in our power ensure you have a positive experience.


Reviews (2)

2 reviews for THE PASSPORT

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Great product. Loved having a power strip in my B&B in Prague that could convert the power. There was only one outlet in our bedroom, but I was able to connect all the devices that my wife and I brought with us.

  2. Rated 5 out of 5

    I’ve had a chance to use this product on my traveling and it made things alot easier. thanks for making it

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